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PointFire Power Translator V1.1 beta v1.0.9.8
Posted by Martin Laplante on 22 November 2018 03:40 PM

This is a BETA release. If you were using a previous BETA release of PointFire Power Translator provided by PointFire support, then please upgrade.

This version of PointFire Power Translator includes both a command-line tool and two different web-based interfaces. One of the interfaces is a simple web form that supports most of the same parameters as the command-line interface. The other is an updated version of the PointFire Translator app, also v1.0.9.8. This version of PointFire Translator will connect to the PointFire Power Translator service or console application on the local workstation if it is running, but if it is absent it will fall back to using the SharePoint Online Machine Translation Service. PointFire Power Translator works with SharePoint Online (SPO).

PointFire Power Translator will translate documents, list items, classic and modern pages, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

In order to use it, you need to get a Translator Text API key from Azure


 pointfire power translator v1.1 user's guide.pdf (1.01 MB) (321.90 KB)
 pfpowertranslatorsetup.exe (3.96 MB)
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