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Knowledgebase: PointFire 2007
Enable Multilingual Functionality
Posted by Administrator on 15 March 2010 09:53 AM
Question: How do I enable multilingual functionality on my site?


When multilingual functionality is off, you will find one link under Multilingual
Settings menu item.
1. Make This Site Multilingual
a. This will enable user interface translation.
b. PointFire will perform the following on the site.
i. Multilingual Settings
1. PointFire adds Key Value pairs to the sites “property
bag” which are used to manage the multilingual
2. See Installation Instructions for more information.
c. This will also enable other custom menus as explained later in this
2. Make This Site Multilingual With Translations List.
a. Performs the same actions as Make This Site Multilingual, however it
also adds a:
i. Multilingual Translations list.
1. This list enables you to add, edit or override translations
for the user interface of your SharePoint sites.
2. This command will override the Config Option
“AutoAddTransList” if it was set to FALSE.

When multilingual functionality is on, you will find a few different links under the
Multilingual Settings menu item.
1. Make All Lists Multilingual
a. This option will make all compatible lists on this site ready for
multilingual content.
b. Compatible lists will have three fields added to them.
i. Item Language
1. Allows you to specify if the language of an item is
English or French.
ii. English Version
1. Allows you to specify the English alternative for this
iii. French Version
1. Allows you to specify the French alternative for this
2. Make All Lists Unilingual
a. This option will remove all multilingual fields from any lists on this
3. Make This Site Unilingual
a. This option will remove all multilingual fields from any lists on this
b. This option will remove the Multilingual Translations list if the
“AutoDelTransList” Config option is set to TRUE.
c. This option will deactivate the user interface translation.
4. Upgrade PointFire Installation (appears if upgrade needed)
a. This option will upgrade any Multilingual Settings on this site.
b. See Upgrading PointFire for more information.
5. Multilingual Translations (appears if list exists)
a. This link takes you directly to the Multilingual Translations list for
this site.
6. Add Multilingual Translations List (appears if list does not exist)
a. This will add a Multilingual Translations list to this site.

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