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PointFire Power Translator version 1.2.1 is Released
Posted by Martin Laplante on 15 October 2019 05:17 PM

PointFire Power Translator version is now available.

It makes it simple to translate Modern pages such as the ones in Communication and Teams sites, as well as classic pages, documents, lists, and metadata.  


New Features

  • Prevent translation of certain terms. This requires create the file mstrans.dic and using the tags to control string translation 
  • Prevent translation of a list field if the field description value starts with "Do not translate"
  • Translate PointFire 365 or PointFire 2019 Multilingual Translations list.
  • Change pfpowertranslatorsetup so that it copies to the installation directory.

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Fix classic pages webpart titles are not translating.
  • Blank translated page issue while translating some classic pages.
  • Source item for page not correct when translating and file name already exists
  • Added functionality for better handling of multiple exceptions in parallel execution sections.


PointFire Power Translator can translate individual items or entire libraries or lists in SharePoint Online, using its command line interface.  It now includes PointFire Translator which will use PointFire Power Translator as a default translation service, and fall back to SharePoint's Machine Translation Service if Power Translator is not available.

It can be downloaded here (login required)

Please note: the next release after this one will be a major release, with a significant change in architecture.  Most notably, it will not need to be installed on every workstation that uses it.  It will be backward compatible with this one, for those who wish to continue with the workstation install.

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