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PointFire 365 v2.4.1 Release
Posted by Martin Laplante on 13 August 2020 03:41 PM

This is a mandatory update release for PointFire 365 for SharePoint Online, part of Office 365. 

This release adds minor new functionality and corrects a number of issues in version 2.4.0.  It also corrects some significant issues that are currently only found in the Targeted Release version of SharePoint Online, and that may appear in the General Availability version at an unknown date.  If you were provided with an interim release since August 13, 2020, you should update to this release.

New and Changed Features

  • Microsoft Lists support: Show "Make List Multilingual" option in ribbon and "Manage Variations" option in ECB menu
  • Improve design of Manage Variations to make the save/cancel icons and spacing similar to edit form

Resolved Issues

  • For some classic pages, page content is blank until a button in the ribbon is clicked
  • Language menu was not appearing for some users in targeted release program
  • Webparts were showing in all languages despite setting the language of the webparts, users in targeted release program and some others
  • On a filtered modern list/library, changing language or navigating to a list on another site resulted in three page reloads. Now down to 1 or 2.
  • For some users, the browser would occasionally download a JavaScript file rather than executing it while loading a SharePoint page
  • When a page is copied, changing the language of a webpart on one page would change it on the other one.
  • Me Control (personal menu) did not always close if the language menu had been expanded/collapsed depending on the location of the click
  • Navigation loaded in the wrong language after selecting Unfiltered
  • Other instances where the navigation or list filtering was in the wrong language
  • Clear the Cache button in PF365 app page was not working properly for Microsoft Edge browser
  • List/library setting page had superfluous parameters
  • Event list sometimes did not filter by language on Internet Explorer
  • Manage Variations not working for event list views
  • In edit mode on a new page, webpart filtering sometimes hid a webpart when it should be visible.
  • Some instances where the language menu selection spins but does not reload the page.


PointFire makes SharePoint truly multilingual and lets your users collaborate in their language.  Two different users going to the same page on the same site will each see it almost entirely in their language, both UI and content, without using Variations.

To get your copy, go to and log in or create an account.

The fully-featured trial version can be downloaded for free and can be used for development and testing, with some pre-sale support.


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