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PointFire 2019 v1.0 Update Release, July 7, 2021
Posted by Jordan Vincent on 07 July 2021 01:26 PM

This is a v1.0 update release of PointFire 2019.  It supports SharePoint classic pages as well as Modern ones.  If you received an interim release from IceFire support for testing, it must be updated with this release.  This release is an update release, with many resolved issues.

The installation package and documentation are available here.  

The next update release is expected in January 2022.


Release Notes – July 7, 2021

Deploying PointFire 2019

It is recommended that you run the installation on the server where Central Administration is located. Once PointFire 2019 is installed on the target server you can deploy the feature by running the PFConfiguration tool:
Start ->PointFire 2019 ->PFConfig

Note: If you experience issues running the configuration tool from the shortcut, you can navigate to the PointFire directory and run PFConfig or one of the installation scripts directly.
C:\Program Files\IceFire\PointFire2019

  • PFConfig.exe – PointFire Deployment Manager
  • InstallPointFire.ps1 - to install PointFire using PowerShell.
  • UpgradePointFire.ps1 - Upgrade PointFire using PowerShell.
  • RemovePointFire.ps1 - To retract the solution using PowerShell

Note: Deploying using the scripts requires additional configuration steps. Please see the install guide for detailed information.
PointFire 2019 also includes an optional app for modern sites.

Updating PointFire 2019
If you are updating an existing PointFire 2019 deployment, launch the PointFire Deployment Manager and follow through the upgrade process, or retract then re-deploy PointFire, or navigate to the installation directory to run the upgrade script.

Also remember to update the in the app catalog and in the individual sites.

Note: If configuration keys in the web.config files have been edited manually after PFConfig initially set them, using PFConfig to update the PointFire may erase or overwrite some of those keys. For safety, note the values of the keys currently in web.config prior to updating.

PointFire 2019 also includes an optional app for modern sites. To add it to app catalog ur update it, you can drag and drop the pointfire-2019-sppkg file, or use the PowerShell script UploadAppToAppCatalogSite.ps1 . Then for each site, add it using the Site Contents page, or upgrade it if a previous version is already on the site, or use the scripts InstallAppFromAppCatalog.ps1 or UpgradeAppFromAppCatalog.ps1 .

Upgrading from PointFire 2016

Upgrading from a PointFire 2016 is not yet fully supported. Contact support for availability. The scripts PF2019Migration.ps1, SetWebPartLangSetting.ps1 and CallSetWebPartLangSetting.ps1 are included, but additional work is needed to complete the migration. Please note that Item Language and language variations columns have changed, so any customizations based on them will also have to be revised.

New Features

  • InstallAppFromAppCatalogWebApplication.ps1 New scripts to install/update the PF219 modern app at the web application level
  • ApplyTranslationsMultiSites.ps1 New script to apply MUI step 3 to multiple sites
  • Pf2019MigrationSiteLevel.ps1 New post-migration script to update Multilingual Translations lists
  • PF2019 Migration script - which level: Web Application, Site Collection, Site

Resolved Issues

  • Modern Quick edit ignores unfiltered setting
  • Not all items in the list were being shown in the Quick View.
  • Values in the dropdown choice column options are not translated in quick edit mode
  • Values in the dropdown multi look up column options are not translated in quick edit mode
  • The values of multiple value Look up field is not translated in New/edit form
  • When multilingual list/library default language selected as English, it does not set the source item field of the source document to "en"
  • If you translate the Home.aspx modern page, then the translated (copied) page content only contains News and activity webparts.
  • Infinite page reload for the translated (copied) pages.
  • While sending the document for translation through "Translate Document", it shows "An Error occurred while creating new Variations for items.". But the items is uploaded successfully and the item language set is wrong.
  • Translating classic wiki pages, doesn't copy webparts.
  • Send the document/list item for translation through "Translate Document/Item" you can see the error "An Error occurred while creating new Variations for items."
  • Send a wiki page for translation through "Translate Document". You can see only the page contents are copied in the translated page.
  • Send a list item/wiki page for translation using Translate item/Translate document option. You can see a pop up message saying "Machine Translation is not available. Item copied instead." and the list item and page content are copied.
  • In Team site, global navigation terms are not added in MTL, when unclicked Untranslated only option and performed step 1
  • In MUI step 1, when Untranslated Only is unchecked, it does not retrieve all items and they all have their wrong variations added in MTL.
  • In MUI step 2, the Column/list title and description have got same variation for both en and fr
  • After performing MUI step 3, delete some terms from MTL and perform step 1 (Unchecked). It is getting the terms with wrong variations. for eg:- for Site name it has added the site description value as the Variation.
  • After performing MUI step 3, delete all term from MTL and perform step 1 (Checked). It is getting all terms but should only get untranslated terms.
  • Refiner Labels not translating on Results page. The Site is using the results.aspx page (on the same site) for their search results, with refiners on this page.
  • he refiner labels are not translated on the results page.
  • Filtering on a choice column (regular view). When in French interface, if you select a value from one of the choice column, the filter is applied but the values in that choice column now show in English.
  • The MTL "term" column is not unique. That means they can add duplicate items to the list.
  • If we have three languages activated in the site and you have provided the variation of two languages, while saving it is showing save failed. But it successfully saved.
  • Changed the language to French then while doing manage variation, the pop up message is showing in English.
  • After removing Multilingual in modern page, the redirection is still working.
  • Read only user can open the Multilingual Setting option.
  • In event list Calendar view filter/unfilter is not working
  • Issue when redirecting from "Calendar" view to "All events" view
  • Error with French characters the ULS.
  • Toggle language unresponsive when anchor tag in URL
  • Many other minor changes and optimizations

Known Issues

  • Other instances where refiners are not being translated
  • Global navigation for Publishing sites is not getting translated in Modern mode
  • Quick Launch is not translated for read only users in Modern mode unless they have "Edit Personal User Information" permission level
  • A 1 to 5 second performance issue on some libraries with many folders
  • Some ribbon icon text not localized in modern mode
  • View name containing a double quote is translated in the custom list in the webpart, but it is not translated in the ribbon.


Documentation for PointFire 2019 is available to be downloaded from the following links:
PointFire 2019 Installation Guide
PointFire 2019 Administrators Guide
PointFire 2019 Users Guide

PointFire 2016 v1.0 to 2019 v1.0 Upgrade Guide:



We recommend that you, or whoever you designate for support, register an account on the support site . Support can be obtained by clicking on New Ticket on the site after you login or by sending an e-mail to

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