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November 29 2017 Update Release for PointFire 2013 v1.0
Posted by Martin Laplante on 30 November 2017 10:21 AM

This release corrects several issues. If you received an interim release from IceFire support for testing, it must be updated with this release. This release is a bug fix release, with minor functionality changes related to custom refiners. It is recommended that you update.

Documentation is available here.  

The next update release is expected in July 2018.


Release Notes – November 29, 2017

Deploying PointFire 2013

It is recommended that you run the installation on the server where Central Administration is located, that "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application" is started on all application and all web servers before installingans that in Central Administration -> System Settings -> Manage services on server -> Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application is started. Once PointFire 2013 is installed on the target server you can deploy the feature by running the PFConfiguration tool:

Start ->PointFire 2013 ->PFConfig

Note: If you experience issues running the configuration tool from the shortcut, you can navigate to the PointFire directory and run PFConfig or one of the installation scripts directly. 
C:\Program Files\IceFire\PointFire2013
⦁ PFConfig.exe – PointFire Deployment Manager
⦁ InstallPointFire.ps1 - to install PointFire using PowerShell.
⦁ UpgradePointFire.ps1 - Upgrade PointFire using PowerShell.
⦁ RemovePointFire.ps1 - To retract the solution using PowerShell

Note: Deploying using the scripts requires additional configuration steps. Please see the install guide for detailed information.


Updating PointFire 2013

If you are updating an existing PointFire 2013 deployment, launch the PointFire Deployment Manager and follow through the upgrade process, or retract then re-deploy PointFire, or navigate to the installation directory to run the upgrade script.

Note: If configuration keys in the web.config files have been edited manually after PFConfig initially set them, using PFConfig to update the PointFire may erase or overwrite some of those keys. For safety, note the values of the keys currently in web.config prior to updating.


Upgrading from PointFire 2010

If you are upgrading from a PointFire 2010 deployment, please consult the PointFire 2010 v1.0 to 2013 v1.0 Upgrade Guide.


New Features

⦁ Use the new higher-quality machine translation engine for all languages. See administrator manual for details.

Resolved Issues

⦁ Values for column type Multiline text (Rich Text) does not translate inspite of translation being defined within Multilingual Translations list
⦁ Managed metadata field in a custom SharePoint list does not translate on language change inspite of multilingual values defined in Term Store. Note: the effect of the language change on managed metadata is not instantaneous; it may take several seconds for the managed metadata service to provide values in the correct language.
⦁ Adding certain values into a list and enabling DST makes those items disappear in list view when in a different language.
⦁ Language toggle on Advanced list settings page does not do anything
⦁ Column Descriptions for column type People/Group Pickers are not translating
⦁ When viewing an item that includes a People/Group fields, some other column values disappear.

Known Issues
⦁ There are known combinations of settings where creation of a Document Set that includes a date can cause an error when saving. Contact support for a workaround if you encounter this.
⦁ Undocumented feature, sorting on column headers, in Manage Variations is disabled.
⦁ No “Add Un-translated Terms” and “Multilingual Site settings” popup on Site Settings and on Manage Site Features pages.


Documentation for PointFire 2013 is available to be downloaded from the following links:
PointFire 2013 Installation Guide:

PointFire 2013 Administrators Guide:

PointFire 2013 Users Guide:

PointFire 2010 v1.0 to 2013 v1.0 Upgrade Guide:

We recommend that you, or whoever you designate for support, register an account on the support site . Support can be obtained by clicking on New Ticket on the site after you login or by sending an e-mail to


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