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PointFire 365 v2.1.2 Release
Posted by Martin Laplante on 28 February 2018 03:32 PM

This is a recommended update release for PointFire 365 for SharePoint Online, part of Office 365. 

This release add major new functionality and corrects a number of issues in the version 2.1.

New and Changed Features

  • Improved support for "unsupported" languages such as Welsh, Irish, and Azerbaijani.
  • When activating, if scripting is not allowed, it will provide a custom PowerShell script to turn it on.
  • Faster page load after language toggle
  • On all pages, top level <html> tag always has correct lang and dir attributes, for automatic right-to-left layout for right-to-left languages and allowing the use of :lang() CSS pseudo-class selector
  • Improved UI for low-privilege users for whom language toggle can take a few minutes.

Resolved Issues

  • In some cases when going from one modern page to another, language menu does not load
  • licensing issue when user never applied trial license in a site collection and applies full license to site.
  • Language toggle issue for users having contribute permission (some browsers)
  • Language toggle issue for some "smart" caching proxies
  • Fixed page redirection for users having contribute permission
  • Redirection issue when logging out of one account and logging into another with different permissions
  • More reliable detection of when language change has completed.
  • More consistently ensure that fresh user starts out with language filtering on
  • Office 365 UI text in personal and site menus sometimes does not change with language change
  • SharePoint Online Machine Translation Service works again. This is a fix by Microsoft, not us. It means that machine translation of the User Interface is more complete. 

PointFire makes SharePoint truly multilingual and lets your users collaborate in their language.  Two different users going to the same page on the same site will each see it almost entirely in their language, both UI and content, without using Variations.  And when used in combination with PointFire 2016, the hybrid cloud is here!

To get your copy, go to and log in or create an account.

The fully-featured trial version can be downloaded for free and can be used for development and testing, with some pre-sale support.

We thank everyone in many countries who provided feedback on the previous release for their valuable input.

PointFire 365 v2.121 reproduces the most important functionality of PointFire 2016 in the cloud.

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