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PointFire 365 v2.2.1 Release
Posted by Martin Laplante on 15 November 2018 11:51 PM

This is a recommended update release for PointFire 365 for SharePoint Online, part of Office 365. 

This release add significant new functionality and corrects a number of issues in version -

New and Changed Features

  • In version, the file names of the two apps have been changed to make installation simpler. See installation manual for instructions when upgrading from an earlier version.
  • Faster language change for users that have "Edit personal user information" permission
  • Improved installation and detection of tenant license
  • Improvements to PowerShell installation and upgrade scripts to install both classic and modern apps
  • Improvements to PowerShell script to activate the app, asks fewer questions
  • Improvements to generated script for allowing custom script if it is not currently allowed
  • Modern webpart titles can now be localized using the Multilingual Translations list

Resolved Issues

  • Text with ampersand not working in Chinese Traditional
  • Fixed issues with incomplete UI translation
  • Fix for Translation of Navigation does not update after change of translations
  • When new version is activated, less likely to use cached older versions.
  • Language change menu no longer appeared on some pages due to rollout of new SharePoint libraries.
  • Other issues related to rollout of new SharePoint libraries.

PointFire makes SharePoint truly multilingual and lets your users collaborate in their language.  Two different users going to the same page on the same site will each see it almost entirely in their language, both UI and content, without using Variations.  And when used in combination with PointFire 2016, the hybrid cloud is here!

To get your copy, go to and log in or create an account.

The fully-featured trial version can be downloaded for free and can be used for development and testing, with some pre-sale support.

We thank everyone in many countries who provided feedback on the previous releases for their valuable input.

PointFire 365 v2.2 reproduces the most important functionality of PointFire 2016 in the cloud.

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