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At last, we now combine the benefits of PointFire Translator and PointFire Power Translator in a single interface.

PointFire Translator, available from Microsoft's App Source, is an app that is integrated into PointFire lists and libraries, which can translate certain document types as well as most classic pages, list items, and all their text metadata.  Before the current release, it relied on SharePoint's Machine Translation Service, with lower speed and lower quality.  This beta release uses PointFire Power Translator instead, if it is installed on the workstation, with vastly superior translation quality, greater speed, and a wider range of of document types, including modern pages.

The new beta version of PointFire Power Translator has web interfaces, in addition to its command line interfaces, which can be used to integrate with PointFire Translator's handy user interface integrated with SharePoint lists and libraries.

PointFire Power Translator can translate individual items or entire libraries or lists in SharePoint Online.  It handles modern pages as well as classic ones.  It also handles several other file types.  It differs from PointFire Translator in several respects

  • It is command line, using CMD or PowerShell, not a SharePoint add-in
  • It uses the Microsoft Cognitive Services Translator Text API, not the now-deprecated SharePoint Translator Service
  • It requires a Translator Text API key
  • It defaults to using the latest neural network translation models, but can use a variety of machine translation engines, including ones that you train using your own documents.
  • It can already use the new "translator parity" neural translation models released by Microsoft a few days ago
  • It can already use the Translator Hub method of training machine translation models on your own documents.
  • The final release will use the new Custom Translator feature of training neural machine translation on your own documents also released a few days ago.
  • It translates modern pages and many modern webparts, including Hero webparts
  • It translates Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files, among others
  • It can translate entire libraries and lists
  • It is not free, and neither is the translation engine
  • It is much faster and the accuracy of translation is much greater.

If you are using PointFire Translator, we recommend that you plan to migrate in the next year, since it relies on an API that has been partly deprecated.

Many thanks to the beta testers who helped us get the product to this state.

Installation files available here

For more information, contact


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