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PointFire 365 v2.2.2 Release
Posted by Martin Laplante on 08 February 2019 02:07 PM

This is a recommended update release for PointFire 365 for SharePoint Online, part of Office 365. 

This release add significant new functionality and corrects a number of issues in previous version.

New and Changed Features

  • PowerShell scripts to install and activate PointFire on many sites at once
  • In lists/libraries that support publishing, when using Manage Variations, user now has the option of saving the items as either draft or published.
  • When adding multilingual functionality to a list/library, option to mark all existing items as being the current language.
  • When removing multilingual functionality from a list/library, confirmation that this will delete language columns and their data.
  • The ability to localize modern webpart titles has been removed. It will return in a later release.
  • Support for mega-menu localization

Resolved Issues

  • Performance improvement - displaying language menu in modern mode
  • Performance improvement - Dramatic improvements, particularly in modern mode
  • Performance improvements - language toggle
  • Language selection dropdown in menu not displaying correctly on some pages until page is re-loaded
  • Modern webpart localization was sometimes not working
  • Blog webpart did not show "Display this webpart in" menu option
  • Blog site templates, posts and categories were not being filtered by language.
  • UI improvements in PointFire 365 - better detection of current state, and interface changed to highlight recommended next steps
  • Better license detection in the case of multiple licenses one of which is expired
  • Trouble translating list column names when there are several untranslated column names in the same list
  • Double page refresh for language-specific pages that require filtering of list views
  • Language selection for modern webparts does not appear under some circumstances
  • Issues with apps installed on the site collection app site rather than the tenant app site
  • In some cases, changing language on classic list view with no filtering did not reload the page.
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


PointFire makes SharePoint truly multilingual and lets your users collaborate in their language.  Two different users going to the same page on the same site will each see it almost entirely in their language, both UI and content, without using Variations.

To get your copy, go to and log in or create an account.

The fully-featured trial version can be downloaded for free and can be used for development and testing, with some pre-sale support.

We thank everyone in many countries who provided feedback on the previous releases for their valuable input.

PointFire 365 v2.2 reproduces the most important functionality of PointFire 2016 in the cloud.

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