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PointFire Power Translator version 1.2 is Released
Posted by Martin Laplante on 07 June 2019 02:18 PM

PointFire Power Translator version is now available.

It makes it simple to translate Modern pages such as the ones in Communication and Teams sites, as well as classic pages, documents, lists, and metadata.  


New Features

  • Added functionality to support translation of the languages which SharePoint does not supports but Text Translator API does.
  • Added functionality to show error message if Api key quota limit is reached.
  • Allow differences between the list of languages on a site and the list of languages in the Item Language dropdown.
  • Allow incorrect but unambiguous language codes for different versions of Chinese. Also for Portuguese, Serbian, Bosnian, and Norwegian
  • Added functionality to translate subfolder documents/items.
  • Allow re-translation of documents and pages if the source version is more recent than the translation
  • Allow translation of file name that contains a comma. Comma must be escaped as "\,"
  • Translate description column in site pages, as well as custom text metadata in libraries

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Handle null and blank values in single line text fields
  • Modify error reporting from PDF conversion in case Windows service is running without access to the console
  • Modify error catching to resolve issues with modern pages having invalid layout and various file types having minor errors
  • Better support for translation of single custom list item.
  • Fix for the unnecessary error message "Input string was not in a correct format" during successful translation.
  • Error in translating certain .xls files and metadata containing a lookup column
  • When comma-delimited language codes are listed, tolerate spaces even though they are not delimiters
  • Error log gives more information about authentication failure reasons.
  • Improved error when an invalid language is specified
  • Translation of document names and handling of duplicate document names improved
  • Removed all Translator API V2 calls or endpoints from the code. Previously reverted to V2 if V3 call failed.
  • Eliminate error when a richtext field contains plain text only
  • Correct for various errors found mostly in English to Chinese translation engine, where extraneous characters are added to text fields
  • PointFire Translator indicates more clearly whether it is using PointFire Power Translator or the SharePoint Translation Service
  • "Go back to site" was sometimes not going back to the site
  • PointFire Translator page is sometimes not opening in IE browser.


PointFire Power Translator can translate individual items or entire libraries or lists in SharePoint Online, using its command line interface.  It now includes PointFire Translator which will use PointFire Power Translator as a default translation service, and fall back to SharePoint's Machine Translation Service if Power Translator is not available.

It can be downloaded here (login required)

Many thanks to the many testers who helped us get the product to this state.

For more information, contact

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