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PointFire Power Translator version 1.2 is Released
Posted by Martin Laplante on 07 June 2019 02:18 PM

PointFire Power Translator version is now available.

It makes it simple to translate Modern pages such as the ones in Communication and Teams sites, as well as classic pages, documents, lists, and metadata.  


New Features

  • Added functionality to support translation of the languages which SharePoint does not supports but Text Translator API does.
  • Added functionality to show error message if Api key quota limit is reached.
  • Allow differences between the list of languages on a site and the list of languages in the Item Language dropdown.
  • Allow incorrect but unambiguous language codes for different versions of Chinese. Also for Portuguese, Serbian, Bosnian, and Norwegian
  • Added functionality to translate subfolder documents/items.
  • Allow re-translation of documents and pages if the source version is more recent than the translation
  • Allow translation of file name that contains a comma. Comma must be escaped as "\,"
  • Translate description column in site pages, as well as custom text metadata in libraries

Bug fixes and enhancements

  • Handle null and blank values in single line text fields
  • Modify error reporting from PDF conversion in case Windows service is running without access to the console
  • Modify error catching to resolve issues with modern pages having invalid layout and various file types having minor errors
  • Better support for translation of single custom list item.
  • Fix for the unnecessary error message "Input string was not in a correct format" during successful translation.
  • Error in translating certain .xls files and metadata containing a lookup column
  • When comma-delimited language codes are listed, tolerate spaces even though they are not delimiters
  • Error log gives more information about authentication failure reasons.
  • Improved error when an invalid language is specified
  • Translation of document names and handling of duplicate document names improved
  • Removed all Translator API V2 calls or endpoints from the code. Previously reverted to V2 if V3 call failed.
  • Eliminate error when a richtext field contains plain text only
  • Correct for various errors found mostly in English to Chinese translation engine, where extraneous characters are added to text fields
  • PointFire Translator indicates more clearly whether it is using PointFire Power Translator or the SharePoint Translation Service
  • "Go back to site" was sometimes not going back to the site
  • PointFire Translator page is sometimes not opening in IE browser.


PointFire Power Translator can translate individual items or entire libraries or lists in SharePoint Online, using its command line interface.  It now includes PointFire Translator which will use PointFire Power Translator as a default translation service, and fall back to SharePoint's Machine Translation Service if Power Translator is not available.

It can be downloaded here (login required)

Many thanks to the many testers who helped us get the product to this state.

For more information, contact

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PointFire 2016 v1.0 Update Release, May 7, 2019
Posted by Martin Laplante on 07 May 2019 05:00 PM

This release corrects certain issues.  If you received an interim release from IceFire support for testing, it must be updated with this release.  This release is a bug fix release, with minor functionality changes.  It is recommended that you update if you have encountered the issues that are discussed.

Documentation is available here.  

The next update release is expected in November 2019.


Release Notes – May 7, 2019

Deploying PointFire 2016

It is recommended that you run the installation on the server where Central Administration is located. Once PointFire 2016 is installed on the target server you can deploy the feature by running the PFConfiguration tool:

Start ->PointFire 2016 ->PFConfig

Note: If you experience issues running the configuration tool from the shortcut, you can navigate to the PointFire directory and run PFConfig or one of the installation scripts directly.

C:\Program Files\IceFire\PointFire2016

⦁ PFConfig.exe – PointFire Deployment Manager
⦁ InstallPointFire.ps1 - to install PointFire using PowerShell.
⦁ UpgradePointFire.ps1 - Upgrade PointFire using PowerShell.
⦁ RemovePointFire.ps1 - To retract the solution using PowerShell

Note: Deploying using the scripts requires additional configuration steps. Please see the install guide for detailed information.

Updating PointFire 2016 

If you are updating an existing PointFire 2016 deployment, launch the PointFire Deployment Manager and follow through the upgrade process, or retract then re-deploy PointFire, or navigate to the installation directory to run the upgrade script.
Note: If configuration keys in the web.config files have been edited manually after PFConfig initially set them, using PFConfig to update the PointFire may erase or overwrite some of those keys. For safety, note the values of the keys currently in web.config prior to updating.

Upgrading from PointFire 2013

If you are upgrading from a PointFire 2013 deployment, please consult the PointFire 2013 v1.0 to 2016 v1.0 Upgrade Guide.

New Features

  • none

Resolved Issues

  • SharePoint Designer throws SOAP exception and unable to edit pages in advanced mode
  • Users are unable to "like" content in some cases. An alert is displayed, “Access is denied”.
  • The server event log gets many "Invalid URL argument" entries
  • List column names containing parentheses () are not being translated
  • Conflict between PointFire and Lightning Conductor web part
  • Incompatibility between PointFire and (AGA by OpenText)
  • The data in the content type column are not translated.
  • Refinement items are translated intially but changes back to English when a refiner item is clicked
  • Item names on a web part page where Calendar list view has been added
  • A lot of PreRequestHandler errors in Event logs


Documentation for PointFire 2016 is available to be downloaded from the following links:

PointFire 2016 Installation Guide:

PointFire 2016 Administrators Guide:

PointFire 2016 Users Guide:

PointFire 2013 v1.0 to 2016 v1.0 Upgrade Guide:

We recommend that you, or whoever you designate for support, register an account on the support site . Support can be obtained by clicking on New Ticket on the site after you login or by sending an e-mail to


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PointFire Power Translator version 1.1 is Released
Posted by Martin Laplante on 26 March 2019 03:32 PM

PointFire Power Translator version is now available.

It makes it simple to translate Modern pages such as the ones in Communication and Teams sites, as well as classic pages, documents, lists, and metadata.  It differs from version 1.0 in that it has a web interface and can use the PointFire Translator app 

PointFire Power Translator can translate individual items or entire libraries or lists in SharePoint Online, using its command line interface.  It differs from PointFire Translator in several respects

  • It is command line, using CMD or PowerShell, in addition to working with a SharePoint add-in
  • It uses the Microsoft Cognitive Services Translator Text API, not the now-deprecated SharePoint Translator Service
  • It defaults to using the latest neural network translation models, but can use a variety of machine translation engines, including ones that you train using your own documents.
  • It requires a Translator Text API key
  • It requires a license key
  • It translates modern pages and many modern webparts, including Hero webparts
  • It translates Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files, among others
  • It can translate entire libraries and lists
  • It is not free, and neither is the translation engine
  • It is much faster and the accuracy of translation is much greater.


It can be downloaded here (login required)

Many thanks to the beta testers who helped us get the product to this state.

For more information, contact

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PointFire 365 v2.2.3 Release
Posted by Martin Laplante on 25 March 2019 02:06 PM

This is a recommended update release for PointFire 365 for SharePoint Online, part of Office 365. It is a mandatory release for Targeted Release users.

This release adds some new functionality and corrects a number of issues in previous versions.  Because SharePoint Online is rolling out new menus, where the user's picture is to the left of the personal menu options and not above, this release is required when those new menus are rolled out to your tenant.

New and Changed Features

  • When a list or library is made multilingual, set the default value of the "Item Language" column to current user language.
  • PowerShell scripts modified to support Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Full support for Irish, Azerbaijani, Welsh, Macedonian, Bosnian (Latin), Serbian (Latin), Kazakh and Dari.

Resolved Issues

  • New personal menus being rolled out, with user picture to the left of the menu options rather than above it, didn't have PointFire menu items
  • Manage Variation is not working for Custom list
  • Make List Multilingual button could be clicked twice, creating duplicate columns
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


PointFire makes SharePoint truly multilingual and lets your users collaborate in their language.  Two different users going to the same page on the same site will each see it almost entirely in their language, both UI and content, without using Variations.

To get your copy, go to and log in or create an account.

The fully-featured trial version can be downloaded for free and can be used for development and testing, with some pre-sale support.

We thank everyone in many countries who provided feedback on the previous releases for their valuable input.

PointFire 365 v2.2 reproduces the most important functionality of PointFire 2016 in the cloud.

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How to subscribe to PointFire announcements
Posted by Martin Laplante on 20 February 2019 12:59 PM

Alpha Stock Images -

We have recently changed how to subscribe to receive announcements such as this one, which are usually announcing a new release of one of the PointFire products.

To subscribe, click on then click on "Subscribe" in the left column, enter your email address and click "Submit".  But that's not all: you should look for a confirmation email at that address and follow the instruction to confirm.  If you do not get this confirmation email, please contact

We are now removing unconfirmed email addresses from the subscription list, since we have started receiving spam subscription requests and because privacy requires it.  We remove unconfirmed addresses that are on gmail, yahoo, and the like, and may contact you if we are not sure whether an unconfirmed email is legitimate.

Note that this announcement list is different from the newsletter.  The newsletter gives you advance information of what we're working on and useful tips, about 4 times a year.  You can subscribe to the newsletter here.  You are not automatically subscribed to either list by contacting us for other reasons or by purchasing a license.

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